Join us to discover a Jewel (Ratna) of Friendship (Maitri) that fills us with joy and strength to help the needy children in Nepal. Help us to encourage their parents to preserve their culture and to strengthen their capacity for income generation. Share with us the pleasure of giving children a strong foundation for a happy and peaceful future!

We provide modern school education, help with vocational trainings and inspire our children with a strong determination to become responsible citizens of our future world; citizens that value the principles of humanity, know how to foster an island of peace and love, who have the skill and the courage to carry responsibility and the wisdom to shape the future of their hometowns and village communities.

Our children are our future. As much as we offer them today our hearts full of love and the jewel of knowledge, that much they can grow and take care of tomorrow and build the future of our world.


Watch an introduction to our main project as told in

 “Tenzin’s Story” recorded in 2014.