Our main project is the promotion of the school in Ghiling, a small village at an altitude of 3500m in the Upper Mustang district, aremote and arid mountain region in the north of Nepal.

In 2001only 6 children attended the 35 year old small, impoverished government primary school in Ghiling. We started to expand the education by adding additional subjects to the school curriculum and by employing a qualified teacher.

Today, thanks to our support, the school has transformed into a well-recognizedlower secondary community school with a kindergarten, a small health center, various large and small new school buildings, two boarding houses and a schoolyard garden with a large and small greenhouse. 

Since 2013 an apple orchard with 1400 apple trees, 100 Apricot and some plum trees has been established. In the future, the income from the sales of the apples is proposed to make the school financially independent of donations, so that the school can be managed self-sufficiently by the village in cooperation with the Nepali government. 

Projects in pictures: 

Students in Shree Jana Jyoti Lower Secondary School

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Kunga Hostel 

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UtseGompo Children Development Center


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Apple Orchard

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Music and Dance


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